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<transcy>Re-editions of Polish Design Classics.</transcy>

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<transcy>POLITURA are re-editions of Polish Mid-Century Design Classics. Handmade under exclusive license.</transcy>

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<transcy>H64 series by Edmund Homa (1965)</transcy>

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<transcy>Modern like never before</transcy>

<transcy>R1378 series by Janusz Różański (1962)</transcy>

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<transcy>Comming into bloom again</transcy>

<transcy>The &quot;LOTOS&quot; chair by Romuald Ferens (1980)</transcy>

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<transcy>Return of the icon</transcy>

<transcy>R360 series by Janusz Różański (1959)</transcy>

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<transcy>Design at its best</transcy>

<transcy>The H106 chair by Edmund Homa (1967)</transcy>

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<transcy>Organic perfection</transcy>

<transcy>The &quot;BYK&quot; chair by Edmund Homa (1966)</transcy>

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Die Antwort auf den Kleinraum.

Der "Junco" Sessel von 1961.

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Perhaps we should memorize the spelling of Polish names like Janusz Różański (...) It finally worked out with the Aaltos, Prouvés and Bertoias.

<transcy>Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung</transcy>

It is reminiscent of a blooming lotus flower (...) The LOTOS folding chair made of certified plywood is refined with oil and combines tradition, functionality and craftsmanship.

<transcy>Beautiful living</transcy>

Even the armchairs in the shop windows show the style of POLITURA: With their curved armrests (...) the chairs could also come from the "Mad Men" series.

<transcy>Zitty Berlin</transcy>

<transcy>History of the H106 chair by Edmund Homa</transcy>

<transcy>I am just a designer</transcy>

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Die Geschichte von POLITURA

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